What We Believe

Our vision at St Francis is
Loving Jesus, Loving One Another, Loving the Community

Core Values:

We aim to be a place where people will feel welcome just as they are.
We are real with each other and honest about where we are in life and where we are with God. We co-operate with other churches.

We aim to be secure in personal knowledge that Jesus loves us; so we support one another, especially through the difficult times.
To be people who know the life changing experience of knowing Jesus,
the power of the Spirit and the power of the Bible.

We aim to relate to people meaningfully in the community; places like shops and schools both in Littlemoor and the wider community of Weymouth. To display reality and integrity in sharing God’s love.

Leaders are to be fed and led by the Holy Spirit enabling others to do likewise.
Leaders are to both experience and encourage personal growth and develop other people’s gifts.
Leaders are to model their leadership on the Shepherd not the sheep dog;
a servant leadership showing both truth and grace in discipline.

Worship which brings us into the presence of God, where people encounter and experience the life changing power of his grace, and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

To be a vibrant community that loves Jesus, is people focused and not building centred.   A Church Family that enables people to experience life’s journey together through laughter and tears.
To be a Church Family in which people grow in security in Christ and where being part of the body is a reality, remembering that we are called to be Jesus’s eyes, hands and feet in world.
To be authentic and real with each other and to not be driven by our own insecurities, so that anyone can immediately feel part of something that’s exciting and relevant – and join in!
To experience a tangible feeling of God’s presence through the Holy Spirit, whenever and wherever we gather.  To be there for the long haul with individuals and the community, locally and beyond.   A community where people know your name and you can be real.