Listen again to Sunday Sermons at St Francis 

Sunday Sermons Summer 2019


Sunday 11th of August

      Christian Assurance - Andrew Mills


Sunday 4th of August

      God is faithful: Our story with Him - Ruth Peers


Sunday 28th July 2019

      A Royal Priesthood ready for Harvest - Tony King


Sunday 21st July 2019

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Sunday 14th of July 2019: Parable of the Good Samaritan

      Do we love our neighbours as ourselves? - Lorraine Dobbins


Sunday 7th of July 2019

      Forgiveness - Martin Peers




Series based on ‘The Prayer Course’

30-6-19 Week 8

      Prayer as Spiritual Warfare - Ruth Peers


23-6-19 Week 7

      Listening to God - Lorraine Dobbins


16-6-19 Week 6

      Contemplative Prayer - Martin White


9-6-19 Pentecost All Age


2-6-19 Week 5

      Unanswered Prayer - Andrew Mills


26-5-19 Week 4

      Intercessionary Prayer - Martin Blackmoore


19-5-19 Week 3

      Petition - Lorraine Dobbins


12-5-19 Week 2

      Adoration - Lorraine Dobbins


5-5-19 Week 1

      Why Pray? - Ruth Peers



Great prayers in the Bible 


7-4-19 Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian believers  Ephesians 1:15-23; 3:14-21

      Pray for spiritual empowerment - Andrew Mills


31-3-19 Jesus’ prayer of submission at Gethsemane  Luke 22:39-46

      Praying through pain and suffering - Lorraine Dobbins


24-3-19 Guest preacher from India

(Unable to upload for safety reasons)


17-3-19 Nehemiah’s prayer for success Nehemiah 1:1-2:9

      Pray boldly - Martin Blackmore


10-3-19 Daniel’s confession on behalf of the people Daniel 9:1-19

      Being real about our sin - Lorraine Dobbins


3-3-19 David’s Psalm of surrender Psalm 139

      What do you want God to do for you? - Andrew Mills


24-2-19 Hezekiah prays for deliverance and healing 2 Kings 19:14-19 & 20 1-7

      Prayer in duress and stress - Lorraine Dobbins


17-2-19 David’s prayer at the end of life 1 Chronicles 9:1-20

      David prepares the way for his son Solomon - Martin Blackmore


10-2-19 David’s prayer for Pardon and confession of Sin Psalm 51

      Praying to restore our relationship with God - Ada Whitock


3-2-19 Abraham’s Prayer for Sodom Genesis 18:16-33

      Praying boldly with perseverance - Lorraine Dobbins


27-1-19: Moses’ Prayer for Israel in the Wilderness Exodus 32:9-14

      Does prayer change anything? - Andrew Mills


20-1-19: The Lord’s prayer: Matthew 6:5-15

      More than a prayer a framework for life with God - Lorraine Dobbins


Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians – Relating to All Things in Christ

25-11-18 Being Strong in Christ Ephesians 6:10-20

      A Protected Church - Ruth Peers


18-11-18 Life as a teachable moment Ephesians 4:25-5:2

      Walking and Living in the Love Christ - Lorraine Dobbins


Special Sunday 11-11-18 Remembrance Sunday Psalm 91 & John 19:1-6

      Remembering Sacrifice - Martin Blackmore


4-11-18 Strength rises when we wait on God Ephesians 4:1-25

      A Mature Church - The Body of Christ - Andrew Mills


28-10-18 His makes us beautiful Ephesians 3:14-21

      God's Love and Power in us through Christ - Lorraine Dobbins


21-10-18 You belong Ephesians 2:11-22

      Together in the Peace of Christ - Ruth Peers


14-10-18  When we know who we are, we can make a difference in Christ Ephesians 1:1-14

      Chosen in Christ - Lorraine Dobbins



Sermons from July to September 2018 are based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary 


30-9-18 The Bible our Guide for life Isaiah 53:1-12 ; 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:5

      The Bible it's credibility and authority - Martin Blackmore

23.9.18 Godly wisdom verses Earthly wisdom James 3:12-4-end

      Godly wisdom - Lorraine Dobbins

16.9.18 Being willing for the spotlight of Christ’s light to shine on our lives James 3:1-12

      James teaching on the dangers of the tongue - Andrew Mills

9.9.18 Seeing people as Jesus sees them James 2:1-17; Mark 7:24-37

      Favouritism leading to dishonour - Lorraine

2.9.18 Song of Songs 2:8-13

      Trust me; it's time to come with me - Ruth Peers

25.8.18 What does Communion mean to you? Ephesians 6:10-20; John 6:56-69

      Jesus said 'I am the bread of life' - Andrew Mills

19.8.18 Ephesians 5:15-20

      From Frisbees, beer and football to God's provision - Tony King

12.8.18 Only Jesus can satisfy Ephesians 2; John 6:25-end

      I am the bread of life - Lorraine

5.8.18 Don’t dilly dally as you walk the way of Jesus  Ephesians 4:1-18; John 6:22-25

      Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ - Andrew Mills

29.7.18 Bring your troubles to Jesus 2 Samuel 11:2-15; Ephesians 3:14-21; John 6:1-21 

      Bringing difficult problems to Jesus - Martin Blackmore

At time to build -Nehemiah

Discovering Kingdom principles within Nehemiah to build our faith, our Church and God’s Kingdom in the world.

22-7-18 Only love can move us to where God wants us to be Nehemiah 13

      Nehemiah returns to find that the people have lost their way again! - Lorraine Dobbins

15-7-18 Praise and Worship makes things happen Nehemiah 11-12

      The people worshipped - Ruth Peers

8-7-18 We can’t make it without Jesus Nehemiah 10

      The people resolve to be righteous - Lorraine Dobbins

1-7-18 When we confess God is merciful Nehemiah 9

      Great is his faithfulness - Andrew Mills

24-6-18 We need the Bible Nehemiah 8

      The people needed God's Word - Ruth Peers

17-6-18 Responding to personal attack the Lord’s way’ Nehemiah 6

      Personal opposition - Lorraine Dobbins

10-6-18 ‘ Being Godly in conflict’ Nehemiah 5:1-19

      Opposition within the people of God - Martin Blackmore

3-6-18 ‘Living in God’s protection’ Nehemiah Chapter 4:1-20

      Enemies within and without - Andrew Mills

27-5-18 ‘Facing reality with the Lord’ Nehemiah Chapter 2:11-32

      Examining our brokeness to be built up - Lorraine Dobbins

13-5-18 ‘Faith into action’ Nehemiah Chapter 2:1-16

      Nehemiah the context and the call - Andrew Mills

6-5-18 ‘God called Ezra and Nehemiah and God calls us’ Nehemiah Chapter 1

      The call to build and being in position to build - Lorraine Dobbins

RCL (Lectionary) readings for sermons Easter Season

29-4-18 ‘How radical do we love?’ 1 John 4:7-21 & John 15:1-8

      Love is his way, love is our call - Ruth Peers

15-4-18 ‘We can only see it when we have lived it’ 1 John 3:1-7 & Luke 24:36-48

      Jesus reveals the scriptures following the resurrection - Martin Blackmore

8-4-18 ‘We are Christ’s messengers’ Acts 4:32-35 & John 20:19-31

      Carriers of the Good News - Andrew Mills


Journeying through Lent with Mark’s GospelPray.Serve.Grow

4-3-18 ‘He cares for us all’ Mark 5:21-50

      Placing our faith in the one who has all authority - Lorraine Dobbins

25-2-18 ‘Are you blinded by judgement?’ Mark 2:23-3:6

      Sabbath rules - Ruth Peers

18-2-18 ‘He heals us from the inside out’ Mark 2:1-2

      Through the roof! - Lorraine Dobbins




RCL (Lectionary) readings for sermons from 12-11-17 until 4-2-18

4-2-18 ‘Soar, run and walk through adversity’ Isaiah 40

      Turning to hope - Lorraine Dobbins

28 -1-18 ‘Authority through Christ’  Mark 1:21-28

      There is power in Jesus' name - Martin Blackmore

21-1-18 ‘It is amazing what God can do through us when we’re obedient’ Jonah

      Jonah - Lorraine Dobbins

14-1-18 Listening ears 1 Samuel 3:1-10, Psalm 139, John 1:43-51

      Jesus is calling - Tony King

7-1-18 Repent, believe, receive and live Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:1-11

      The Baptism of Jesus - Lorraine Dobbins

31-12-17 Standing tall for the year ahead Isaiah 61:1-62:3

      Oaks of righteousness - Ruth Peers

3-12-17 You better watch out!  Mark 13:24-37

      Advent 1 - Martin Blackmore

26-11-17 Complete Surrender  Mark 25:31-46

      Christ the King - Lorraine Dobbins

19-11-17 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

      Encourage one another - Ruth Peers

12-11-17 Living memorials of God’s grace

      Remembrance - Andrew Mills


Ripe for inner growth sermon series focusing on things that hinder our inner growth in Christ and things which set us free to flourish.

5-11-17 Discovering the treasure

      Loving God with your all - Lorraine Dobbins

29-10-18 World view or Kingdom view

      A new way of thinking - Martin Blackmore

22-10-17  Not in our own strength

      Help is at hand - Andrew Mills

8-10-17 Forgiving yourself

      Let guilt go - Martin Blackmore

1-10-17  Forgiveness and Reconciliation

      Ditch the baggage - Lorraine Dobbins

24-9-17  Feeding on the word

      Food to grow - Ruth Peers

17-9-17  Identity in Christ

      In the World but not of the World - Lorraine Dobbins

10-9-17  How does the Church fit in?

      Part of the Family - Andrew Mills

3-9-17  Living, growing, changing 

      What does it mean to follow Jesus? - Lorraine Dobbins