Listen again to Sunday Sermons at St Francis 


Sunday Evening Sermons

19-11-17 Matthew 25:14-30

      Invest in God - Martin Blackmore

15-10-17 ‘Blessed are the plodders for they will get there in the end…’

      Taking one day at a time - Ruth Peers



 Sunday Morning Sermons

3-12-17 You better watch out!  Mark 13:24-37

      Advent 1 - Martin Blackmore

26-11-17 Complete Surrender  Mark 25:31-46

      Christ the King - Lorraine Dobbins

19-11-17 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

      Encourage one another - Ruth Peers

12-11-17 Living memorials of God’s grace

      Remembrance - Andrew Mills


Ripe for inner growth sermon series focusing on things that hinder our inner growth in Christ and things which set us free to flourish.

5-11-17 Discovering the treasure

      Loving God with your all - Lorraine Dobbins

29-10-18 World view or Kingdom view

      A new way of thinking - Martin Blackmore

22-10-17  Not in our own strength

      Help is at hand - Andrew Mills

8-10-17 Forgiving yourself

      Let guilt go - Martin Blackmore

1-10-17  Forgiveness and Reconciliation

      Ditch the baggage - Lorraine Dobbins

24-9-17  Feeding on the word

      Food to grow - Ruth Peers

17-9-17  Identity in Christ

      In the World but not of the World - Lorraine Dobbins

10-9-17  How does the Church fit in?

      Part of the Family - Andrew Mills

3-9-17  Living, growing, changing 

      What does it mean to follow Jesus? - Lorraine Dobbins